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Save up to 70% on baseball gear and sell your own!

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Save up to 70% on baseball gear and sell your own!

round2 storefront

Adapt To
The Trends

Online purchases of sporting
goods have climbed to more
than $15 Billion annually since
2009, a 1200% increase
during that time period.

Build Brand

Round2 provides users with
incentives that award continued
use of the platorm and gives
businesses the opportunity to
offer their own promotions.

Streamline operations, grow your
business to new heights, and win in
the digital era with Round2 Storefront.

What you get with Round2:

Online Presence

We give you the ability to
establish an online presence
in an increasingly digital world,
or bolster the online traction
that you already have.

Increased Sales

By opening a Round2
Storefront account, you’ll
significantly expand the
number of customers who
are exposed to your inventory.

Free Marketing

When your company is on
Round2, you’ll grow as we grow.
Every promotional effort that we
make to attract users will in turn
drive more customers to your store.

Customer Insights

Your Round2 Dashboard will
collect and display valuable
data about your customers and
their shopping habits so you can
efficiently generate more sales.

White Glove Service

Don’t have time to create your
profile and upload your items?
No problem! We’ll take care of
everything from profile creation
to inventory tracking.

24/7 Support

Our customer service team is on
call seven days a week and constantly
monitors incoming item orders, ensuring
a seamless experience for both you
and your customers.


Don’t worry, we’ll never send you spam. Just actual updates and exclusive deals for Round2!