At Round2, the safety of our users is our number one priority. For
this reason, we facilitate all payments in-app to protect both parties
involved from fraudulent activity. We do not condone the use of
alternate payment methods in exchanges made through Round2, as
we cannot guarantee the security of our users’ funds. Any users
who attempt to bypass our payment feature upon exhcange will not
be protected by Round2, and may be suspended or removed from
the platform. If someone attempts to pay or receive payment in such
a manner, please report the user to Round2. When you are meeting
up with someone using Round2, we suggest meeting in a busy public
place during daylight hours. If you are under the age of 18, we require
you to be accompanied by an adult. While we do our best to ensure
the safety of our users through the community score system, it is
ultimately your responsibility to avoid situations that may put you
in harm’s way. If you every find yourself in a dangerous situation,
please do not hesitate to call 911.